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Collectible historical and contemporary design dealing and sourcing

EraStudio House offers comprehensive assistance in acquiring international and Italian collectible design , investment-grade sculpture. This could be from iconic '30-'40s Italian to contemporary masterpieces, ensuring compliance with all standards in collectible design trading.

Erastudio House leverages extensive knowledge having worked with the gallery for more than 10 years and being established in the main collectible art design fairs in the world and is therefore able to source rare, significant items from various design periods drawing from private collections and directly from artists for the projects you propose.

Interior design consulting and concept development

Our team at Era Studio House collaborate with clients to create bespoke spatial solutions that align with their aesthetic preferences and functional requirements. We offer a structured approach to the design process, encompassing initial conceptualization through to final implementation, ensuring a cohesive and refined outcome; for varied projects in different sectors.

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Site-specific and custom project with artists and designers

Era Studio House specializes in the development and execution of site-specific and custom projects in collaboration with esteemed artists and designers.

The experience gained in the two galleries allows the team to manage the entire process of creating bespoke pieces that integrate seamlessly with their intended environment, achieving the Erastudio philosophy where "it is nice to live surrounded by works of art. This service ensures brings uniqueness and history into the daily routine of life.

Bespoke personal art-buying for house

This service by Era Studio House facilitates the procurement of exceptional artworks that complement both the client's space and personal aesthetic. Leveraging an extensive network within the art world, we source pieces from established and emerging artists.

Our team provides expert guidance throughout the selection and acquisition process, assisting clients in building a curated collection of significance.

Project manager consulting, contract negotiation and bureaucracy compliance for residence and retail 

Era Studio House offers comprehensive project management consulting to ensure the seamless realization of design concepts. Our services encompass complex contract negotiations and meticulous attention to regulatory compliance. This multifaceted approach streamlines project execution, allowing clients to focus on the transformative aspects of their space while we manage the intricate details of implementation.

Bespoke personal for custom artisnal textile projects 

Era Studio House offers this service of making customised textiles products ranging from rugs to table runners to cushion.Era Studio House facilitates the procurement of artisnal textiles that complement both the client's space and personal aesthetic. Leveraging an extensive network within the art world, we source pieces from established and emerging artists.

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Artistic and creative direction 

The artistic and creative direction services offered by Era Studio House are tailored to elevate projects with a distinctive aesthetic vision. We cater to diverse environments, including residential, commercial, and hospitality sectors, providing innovative conceptualization and meticulous curation. Our experienced professionals strike an optimal balance to produce designs of enduring impact.

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