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Nanda Vigo, Blokko Pouf, 2017

w 52 x d 47 x h 89 cm
serie of 8 unique piece poufs
acrylic fur, leather, wood
country of realization – Italy
certificate of authenticity
“Blokko” pouf is a limited edition of unique eight different poufs created by Nanda Vigo. This blue unique pouf in acrylic fur is three-tiered, featuring a blue leather cushion topped by two dinosaurs who guard the space. The artwork is born out of formal reduction to avoid overloading the space, and made with essential, square lines that make it similar to a simple cube. It is equipped with a handle, so that it can be freely positioned in any space.


Brera District / Via Palermo 5, 20121 Milan Italy

+39 02 36522686 



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