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Gunjan Gupta, Bartan chair project, 2014

limited editions of n. 7 pieces for each chair aluminium frame, brass, fabriproject includes 5 different chairs of variable dimensions:
chair 1: w 82 x l 87 x h 158 cm
chair 2: w 68 x l 69 x h 87 cm
chair 3: w 42,5 x l 69 x h 85 cm
chair 4: w 68 x l 54 x h 87 cm
chair 5: w 48 x l 69 x h 60 cm
certificate of authenticity
country of realization – India
“Bartan Chair Project” by Indian designer Gunjan Gupta, esclusively for Erastudio Apartment-Gallery. The design of these artworks follows the theme of ‘Bartan’ which is the general Indian terminology for household utensils. The chairs have been made employing the Matkas, which are the most iconic indian utensils, used as a mean of transport for trade of various materials, grains, etc in the country. The metal Matkas have been mounted onto frames of aluminium, adding a comfortable cusion for seating.


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