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Gianni Pettena, Sovrapposizioni, 1984

w 170 x d 76,5 x h 58 cm
unique piece
concrete, acrylic on canvas
table dimension: w 170 x d 76,5 x h 58 cm
painting dimensions: w 110 x h 200 cm
country of realization – Italy certificate of authenticity
“SOVRAPPOSIZIONI” 1984 is a unique piece in which at once a “real” and illusory object, because it is painted; or on the contrary it can be seen as an imaginary object that has been made real. Perhaps one of the first artworks in which Gianni Pettena clearly revealed his interest, in perception, the corrections of perspective, the creation of spaces or objects that explore the no-man’s-land between real and imaginary.
“A drawing that narrates a stone bench interrupted by wall. On the real bench and on the drawn bench is projected the drawn bench, which also contains a sheet that describes the bench and perhaps me too, seated on the bench”


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