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Carlo Trucchi, Ovum aureum, coffee table, 2015

w 125 x d 90 x h 50 cm
unique piece
iron egg-shaped surface, copper gold finishing
Country of realization – Italy
The “Ovum Aureum” tables project is inspired by the theories of the ancient Alchemists that saw the egg as the container of cosmic life, the receiver of the physical and inner transformation, from a raw material for the philosophical gold: the so-called “Golden Embryo”. With this vision, Carlo manipulated a blank sheet of iron until getting a solid oval, integral in form, almost perfect. With a rich and powerful gesture, which is rich of meanings from the viewpoint of alchemy he rips the egg in the center applying a thin strip of copper, with the invaluable collaboration of master Enzo Scatragli, he solidi es gold plates over with a technique called “dora- tura a caldo”. The nished process re nes the surface of the iron brushing sharply with few handfuls of copper powder and completes his work by installing the oval plane onto a robust support structure. To add the value of functionality, he allows the artwork to have three different variations of height and a full rotational movement.


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