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Carlo Trucchi, Apparecchiato per sei, table, 2015

w 150 x d 150 x h 58 / 62 / 75 cm
unique piece
iron structure, oxidized brass, ora, resin
Country of realization – Italy
In ”Apparecchiato per sei”, table itself creates a convivial atmosphere, inviting the people who are present to sit around it. The eroded equipment, oxidized, also represents the passage of time, the trace of something which has occurred. Using certain acids and a constant light exposure, the brass plane is left with the imprinted marks of the set table. The brass had previously been oxidized and placed underground, a particular technique often used by Trucchi. The hexagon composed of its two trapeziums opposing each other symbolize the forces that are at play, a fusion between the organic and inorganic world.


Brera District / Via Palermo 5, 20121 Milan Italy

+39 02 36522686 



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