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Carlo Trucchi, Apparecchgiato per due illusion, table, 2015

w 61 x d 61 x h 80 cm
Unique piece
Wooden structure, oxidized brass, cement surface, resin, cutlery and porcelain
Country of realization – Italy
In “Apparecchiato per 2” tables project, Carlo Trucchi re ects on one of the primary purposes of the table, the place where the meal takes place. The dark cement puts the spotlight on the simple cutlery that seems to be simply placed on the table but is in fact covered by a thick layer of resin, fossilized, prevented from deg- radation. The cutlery are simple but elegant: the plates are made of Limoges porcelain, the cutlery of antique brass coupled with linen napkins. The bottoms of color glass bottles represent the glass. Trucchi in one of the variation of the table creates “illusion” of the table being set, it presents itself as a reminder but also as a win- dow into the past. There are subtle traces of bubbles within the resin that are created by using the special tubes used by glass blowers which adds an element of mystery to the table.


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