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Carlo Trucchi, 8 marzo, table, 2015

w 190 x d 190 x h 58 / 62 / 75 cm
unique piece
iron structure, oxidized brass, ora, resin
country of realization – Italy
The “8 Marzo” project is yet another beautiful result of Carlo’s collaboration with nature, land, and organic chemistry. The brass plates are shaped expertly by him and then buried; this gesture represents his proposal to the ground, his silent request of collaboration. During the burial performed on 8 Marzo to celebrate the female gure, he decided to place the branches of mimosa in close contact with metal. His con dence and patience are rewarded upon disinterment with beautiful impressions on the metal. Blocked oxidation with a thin layer of resin, Trucchi nished his work by installing the oor in special support created by him to allow three different variations of height and an omnidirectional rotation.


Brera District / Via Palermo 5, 20121 Milan Italy

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