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Carlo Trucchi is a Tuscan artist who initially studied Philosophy and Literature and later attended the Art and Design Academy of Florence graduating in 2007. He won the ICASTICA contemporary art award 2015. Trucchi, in his workshop, has learnt and developed intricate skills that are known to a select few. For instance, his treatment of metal which plays a major role in the uniqueness of his design artworks created exclusively for the gallery. He manipulates his base materials, especially metal, by hand-working them with an elaborate technique. This involves laying the metallic elements underground for considerably long periods of time; they gradually undergo unique transformations in their hues and textures due to natural oxidation. Trucchi’s most emphatic tool is nature itself; he lets the leaves fall upon them, allows the powerful winds, the rain and the surrounding earth to gift the most exquisite patterns onto the metallic surfaces of his pieces incorporated in the general artwork adding an element of prehistoric yet with elegance. After the oxidation process, he brings out all his current emotions in the treatment of the metal.

The subject of the artwork is not chosen, it is rather the material itself that dictates the story that needs to be expressed.In many of Carlo Truchhi’s works, the aging process is like frozen by the laying of a stratum of clear resin. This procedure not only requires a high level of skill in craftsmanship but also a great deal of patience for its execution. The results are intriguing tables, consoles and art pieces organic in shape; the compositions bringing to light the beauty of its various compo- nents. Through this ongoing series of design pieces, he seeks to interpret present day’s taste with materials from the past. Each piece carries its own metal plate and unique number coupled with the pieces name, which are a part of the objects identity. This sense of uniqueness is key for the artist whom is inspired by the idea that nature is full of variations -just like people- he says.All of the artist’s design artworks are the fruit of his poetic expression of life and its origins. These themes that surround each of his unique pieces are then studied in detail by Arch. Patrizia Tenti who then helps him create his pieces with the most expressive details in means to help him bring out his beast ideas. Arch. Tenti recognizes his artisanal gifts and helps him bring out the true essence of what his pieces represent. She helps and has always believed that his skills are those that need to be brought to the attention of collectors around the globe, those of the true value of meaningful and enriched Italian craftsmanship.

By Carlo Trucchi




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